My new kit!

So the long awaited day FINALLY came!  My kit came in and I am over the moon excited about it.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with everything, but I probably will.  So be prepared!  Here is the box that my kit came in.  Not too big, but they pack it pretty full with everything.


So I ripped it open immediately and here is what I found.


My beautiful oils!  As you can see I have opened every single one of them.  I probably spent a good 20 minutes just smelling them all and making the kids smell them too.  I was a bit surprised that they did not all have the generic type “pretty” smell that we all usually experience with scents.  There are some that are really potent and should not be inhaled deeply from the bottle.

The next thing I took out and plugged in right away was this.

rose diffuser

It is so pretty and really easy to set up.  I just put in water to the fill line and started diffusing right away.  I put 3 drops of Copaiba and it was lovely.  I have since tried Lavender and Peace and Calming.  It is also super easy to clean out between uses.

Here are some more of the goodies that were packed inside.

inside goodiesproduct guide

The left picture is all of the samples that you get.  There are little bottles, that are super cute by the way, that you can put any oils in to hand out.  There are also little cards that the sample bottles connect to with information about the oil, as well as uses.  I gave out my first two last night!

There are little sample packs with 4 drops or so of oils that you can give out and would be great to just keep in your purse.  The Ningxia Red samples are included and I am excited to try those.  Each pouch has 2 servings and is supposed to be a great energy booster.  There is also a bottle of Stress Away, which surprisingly I have not opened yet, and a roll on that you can add to any bottle.

The picture on the right is the product guide, which has everything that they sell, as well as pricing.  I like that the pricing is there for the retail price, as well as the discounted price, if you are a distributor.  There is also an EO magazine which would be awesome to hand out.  It has some great articles on what essential oils are and ways to use them, as well as how kids can even get involved.

My kit came on Tuesday and already I have made two different kinds of bug repellent, Thieves tea (Which was delicious by the way.  My four year old could not get enough of it), solved some tummy issues with Digize and put Lemon in my water yesterday.  Not to mention having the diffuser on nonstop since I got it plugged in.  It has been awesome!

I am planning to have some make and take parties soon that I am really excited about.  Still trying to nail down the details, but I think we will be making bug spray, bath salts, clothespin diffusers and either sugar scrub or linen spray.  There are so many different ideas out there that it is hard to choose.  I will also serve refreshments incorporating the oils in them.  The tea I had the other night would be great, as well as this delicious looking Lavender lemonade that was shared with me.

I could go on and on, but I will leave you with this quote that kind of makes me laugh.


YL graphic


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