Let it Go (disclaimer:this is not a Frozen parody)

Luke quote

There are few things in my life that I absolutely have to have.  A good night’s sleep, my favorite book and anything with peanut butter.  I am a severe peanut butter addict!  So when I came across this verse it made me really stop and think.  What am I clinging to?  Are there things in my life that I am not letting go, which are causing me to miss out on what God has planned?  I know that I have a tendency to prioritize my life in a haphazard manner, especially during the summer months.  Being a teacher can be both a blessing and a curse.

Don’t get me wrong I love having time off to spend with my kids and reboot.  The hard part for me is going from a crazy busy schedule to the exact opposite.  The whole first week of summer is like this weird transition period where I still wake up early, give myself tasks to complete each day and stay as busy as I can all day.  A month into summer, I won’t lie, the kids and I stay in our pjs for as long as possible.  My daughter, twice this week, was in pjs when my husband got home from work.

I try my best to take time to read my bible and pray, but for some reason I have a hard time placing it at the top of my list.  The one thing that I do manage to do almost every day is turn on my worship music and wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, hang out in the pool or whatever else the day entails.  But in my mind, I know that’s not enough.

There are way too many other things in my life that I just let get in the way or cling to, as the verse says.  Why?  What am I afraid of?  Do I really think that I can do a better job of steering my life?  Like the song says, Jesus take the wheel.  I want all of the fabulous things that He has planned for me, not just the mediocre things that I think I need.


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