Blog? What Blog?

42 days into the school year and I can finally start to breath again. <sigh>

Amidst the constant assessing, parent involvement and general teacher “stuff” I was starting to lose sight of myself.

After being sick for two days and staying home to recoup I had some time to reflect on things that have been causing unwanted stress in my life.




and the list goes on.

The so-called lists that I am constantly making are really not what’s important.  It’s the little moments; the conversations in the car with my kids, smiling at something one of my 23 “other” kids does out of innocence, or just sitting and being.

The lists can wait.

It will all be there tomorrow, or the next day.

I need to truly live in the moment and take the time in those little moments to remember them.

As a teacher, we are always our worst critics and can constantly set ourselves up for failure because we are so stuck on the unimportant things.

I resolve to start, right here and now, to put the important things first and everything else can be in the background.